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Tough Talk From Magic, Pistons

The forecast calls for fireworks in Detroit this evening.

Or at least some thunder between two teams that already don't seem to like each other very much.

The Pistons pulled away in the second half to paste the Magic by 19 on Saturday night, and it didn't take long for the combatants on both sides to start letting the tough juice fly.

As reported by ESPN:

Magic forward Rashard Lewis took down Theo Ratliff with a physical foul midway through the fourth quarter, and Jason Maxiell quickly got in Lewis' face with a menacing look and choice words.

Ratliff said Maxiell didn't need the assistance.

"There's no sense in guys coming to my rescue," Ratliff said Sunday. "I mean, that was Rashard Lewis. He's a 3 man."

What Ratliff said was relayed to Lewis and the small forward fired back.

"You can have a lot of energy in five minutes a game," Lewis said. "What's he played? 15 games? Tell him to come out and guard me."

It didn't end there.  Jason Maxiell had some thoughts on stud center Dwight Howard as well:

"He's has a very strong upper body," Maxiell said. "But if you get down low and take his legs out, he's not that powerful."

Howard bristled at the suggestion that his lower body is weak.

"That's not true," Howard said. "Trust me."

Moving stuff, guys, really.


Sounds like the same deal as always with these two teams.  The Pistons condescend to everyone in the league, and the Magic get upset because nobody is giving them enough respect.  Once again, seems like we could all be better off if these guys settled for playing basketball and showing at least some respect to each other.  Alas, it's not to be the case.

It's looking increasingly like I'll be rooting for the winner of the Cavs-Celts series in the Eastern Conference Finals no matter which one of them comes out of that series.  Of course, here's hoping it will be the green.

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