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Celtics Links: 5/5/08

Boston Herald
Celtics crush Hawks to advance.  Green Bandwagon Note - Good win, lessons learned, blah, blah, blah. This series never should have gone 7 and I hope the Celtics don't pay for that in round 2.
An Explosive Situation. Green Bandwagon Note - Check out this article for the ridiculous picture that Matthew West snapped. Well done sir.
Watch out big brother: Younger Eastern Conference teams growing up. Green Bandwagon Note - I do think the Magic and Hawks are a move or two away from being very good. I don't buy Drew Sharp's argument that Detroit's championship was a fluke.
Silent Paul Pierce proves deadly to Hawks.
Potent Celtics will test Cavaliers. Green Bandwagon Note - If this series goes 7 is it crazy to think that LeBron could shoot 80+ free throws?
Boston Globe
In this game, they obeyed stop signs.
Crisis averted.
MetroWest Daily
Celtics bring the intensity
Much Respect Due. Green Bandwagon Note - I felt the need to say something complimentary about the Hawks or at the very least post a slow clap. But this link does a great job.
Sizing up the semis.
Loy's Place
Comments from the other side: Hawks Game 7.
Celtics win game 7 in a blowout.
Nearly burned by the Hawks, Celtics learn about consistency the hard way
. Green Bandwagon Note - I can't stand all of the quotes about lessons learned, getting overconfident, etc. This is supposed to be a veteran team. That shouldn't happen.
Restless, ringless Garnett battles his inner A-Rod.
Celtics 24/7
Bring on Cleveland.
Red's Army
Cleveland: The Anti-Hawks.
Post Game Interviews.
Atlanta Journal Consittution
Smith was off his game. Green Bandwagon Note - Agreed. He looked like hell.
Boston SportZ
Bye bye Zaza.
The Shamrock Headband
There is nothing left to feel.
Sports of Boston
Celtics Finish off Hawks, Set for Round 2.
Bye bye Birds.
KG gets it done.

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