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LeBron James and YouTube

I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of LeBron James. In fact I launched an ill-fated campaign against him when he wore a suit to a preseason game against the C’s back in 2006. However, as someone who enjoys basketball in general, I do respect what he brings to the table. But now is not the time to talk about his ability to drop a triple double any given night and the rest of his amazing individual skills. Now is the time to post his top 5 YouTube moments. And don’t worry. His atrocious Sprite campaign did not make the cut. In fact it earned a dishonorable mention.

Honorable mention
- LeBron’s high school football days.
- Any highlight reel of the numerous ridiculous dunks he’s thrown down in his career.

5. His well done Powerade commercial. This also gives me the opportunity to post Michael Vick’s version, which like everything Michael Vick related, is odd to watch at this point.

4. It’s one thing to mess around with special effects in a commercial. It’s another thing altogether to do it in a game. And bank it for good measure. This loses points for happening in Boston.

3. I appreciate Business LeBron.

2. I’m already on the record as someone who loves highlights of professional athletes from their high school days. LeBron’s situation is a bit different because everyone already knew who he was and some of his games aired on ESPN. Unfortunately the only highlight reel I found was NSFW in big way. So I went with his game 5 against the Pistons from 2007 . Not a bad compromise.

1. I enjoyed all of the LeBrons ad campaign. In fact you could make the case that aspects of it could have filled out the top 5. And as great as Business LeBron was, Wise LeBron is awesome. Playa hatas…

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