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The James Plan

Scott Souza has the Celtics plans for dealing with LeBron:

The strategy will likely be to start Pierce on James and involve a lot of James Posey off the bench. The Celtics will trap him often, but will be wary of getting carried away with it given the perimeter shooting threats the Cavs have surrounded him with late this season.

``There will be many bodies in front of him, as long as there are not too many bodies in front of him,'' Rivers said. ``You can overdue it. If you do it like a team, you can get away with some of that (trapping) stuff. If you start running at him at halfcourt he's going to kill you.

``LeBron is Magic Johnson in a lot of ways with his passing. He is a big guard who throws bullet passes across the court. ... If you over-help, he is going to pick you apart.''

We saw how easily Joe Johnson picked us apart when the Celtics over-double teamed him.  How much moreso will LeBron do the same?  I agree with this strategy.

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