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Daily Links 5/6

Herald     Paul Pierce gets pumped to share King James’ court     
Keys to the Celtics-Cavaliers series      
Round 2: How Celtics match up with Cavaliers     
Celtics make pressure point     
James Posey has guard up      
Will Hawks coach return after leading Atlanta to playoffs?  
Too close to call     
Cold spell doesn’t faze Ray Allen         
Bettors still dig Celtics     
Billups’ 28, disputed shot lifts Pistons over Magic     
Globe   Singular force       
Factors matter in this equation      
Celtics' view quickly in focus     
This wasn't a trash day      
Cavaliers at a glance    
James gang gets makeover       
10 things you should know about the Celtics      
The On Deck Circle   Carnival of the NBA #56   
ItemLive (Gilroy)     Another day, another obstacle for the Celtics    
MetroWest Daily   C's ready for 3-on-1 matchup      
CelticsBlog   Celtics Stuff Live tonight at 6:30     
Talking up the perimeter difference maker in N'Awlins       
Cleveland ended my childhood and now they will pay      
LOY's Place     A look at the Celtics' 2nd round opponent   
Celtics 17   Well phooey on you, Cavaliers fans   Series blog:  Cavaliers at Celtics     
Celtics likely less Cavalier against Cleveland      
ESPN   Do you still love the Celtics?      
Hoopsworld  Cavs not in awe of Celtics     
Celtics aim for better series versus Cavs       
Celtics 24/7   Keys to Cleveland series   Cavs ready for round 2     
Cavaliers vs Celtics series preview    
Four things I think about the Cavaliers Celtics series    
LeBron expects to win        
Scribbles in my notebook for game 1      
Garden's gone, memories remain       
Red's Army    Free advice      
Crazy thought:  Start Posey        
NBA Roundtable   Previews:  Boston vs Cleveland     
Chicago Tribune   Mike D'Antoni wants Bulls job    
The Gazette   Boston stars pose big problem        
The Columbus Dispatch   Ancient or recent, history won't give either team edge    
Connecticut Post   Is it still good to you?    
Star Ledger   Time spent on TV helped Rivers channel his genius       
Preview of Celtics-Cavaliers       
Chronicle Telegram   Cavs vs Celtics:  Celtics have the edge in most matchups    
WBZTV   Rondo says he's fine after brutal hit         
Erie Times News   Celtics have triple option vs Cavs     
Patriot Ledger   Cavaliers respect Celtics’ traditions     
Paul Pierce gets the unenviable assignment of guarding LeBron James      
Enterprise    Paul Pierce faces tall task in defending LeBron James     
NECN    Ray Allen:  Lessons learned from Atlanta     
Pierce:  Need to throw numbers at LeBron      
Cape Cod Times    Celtics pass test and... Whew!     
NY Times    Celtics focus on James after first round test       
Empty the Bench    The multiple choice superstar test: Celtics vs Cavs   
ProJo    Unstoppable: Cavs’ James poses a big problem for the Boston Celtics     
Familiar faces all around        
Our Endless Season    Don't try to explain it, just be thankful they're moving on   
News from the Tree Fort   Can't even watch     Cavaliers- Celtics series breakdown       
Sports of Boston    Expect a 7 game series against LeBron     
Bleacher Report   Are the Celtics for real?       
A date with LeBron is reward for first round win       
No Blood No Foul   7 keys to understanding the Celtics Championship hopes     
Inquirer   Billups wins citizenship award       
Worcester Telegram   Pierce takes on the King       
BostonSportZ    Round 2      
Green Bandwagon   Celtics vs Cavs preview     
Parquet Wishes    Bring on LeBron      
Metro    On to the Cavs     
Village Soup    Back to the future: Like the Celtics of old       

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