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How To Beat The Cavs/Celtics

Red's Army and And One (a Cavs blog) exchanged advice on how to beat their respective teams.  Here's a look at the advice:

Red's Army:

Conventional wisdom is to go at KG… and try to get him in foul trouble.  He is, after all, our leading rebounder.  BUT… the real target down low is Kendrick Perkins… who clears out much more space, and who is much more prone to fouling.  And you saw in game 7 that when Perk has got it working, he can be a real catalyst out there.  Get Perk out early… and then you force Leon Powe and Glen Davis… 2 undersized guys… to box out 7 foot 3 Big Z. 

And One:

If you want to learn how to beat Cleveland, watch every Cavs v. Pistons game for the past two seasons. The Pistons know how to beat us. They chose not to last spring, but they know what to do. It's all about a swarming, suffocating defense that stops the Other Four Guys. If the Celts can do that, they have nothing to worry about.

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