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King James Comes Up Short

bronhide.jpg Game over.  Huge first win.

  • Any more questions about the Celtics winning close games?
  • LeBron: 2-18, 0-6 from 3; was it the D, or was he just cold?
  • Either way, don't expect a repeat of that performance.
  • Likewise don't expect Ray Allen to go scoreless again any time soon.
  • KG was once again huge.  Answered some doubters about being clutch in the 4th too.
  • Rondo was hot early, Cassell hot late.
  • Credit Jason Levine of CSN for the comparison of the night: Cassell is Antoine Walker.  When it goes in, we all love him and he does a dance.  When it doesn't go in... not so much.
  • Gotta give a lot of credit to Posey. He was a big, big reason why LeBron was frustrated especially on those last few plays.  Hitting a couple of 3's never hurts either.
  • Perk came up big on the boards with 12 rebounds.
  • Sloppy, ugly game with too many turnovers.  Something that they can work on next game.  Better ball movement solves a lot of that.
Give the game ball to Kevin Garnett, but again it was a great team effort tonight.

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