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Ray Looking For His Shots

Scott Souza reports from practice:

WALTHAM - Ray Allen put up a lot of extra shots after practice today.

He expects to put a lot more in tomorrow’s Game 2 than the four he did in going scoreless in Tuesday’s Game 1 victory as well.

Noting that the victorious outcome overshadowed any frustration over his first scoreless game in 11 years - and first ever in the playoffs - Allen said after the shooting session that, while he didn’t want to force shots in Game 1, he has to find a way to create more of them going forward.

"I always want to be aggressive. But, I think, within this offense I have to find my opportunities," said Allen, who also played some one-on-one with Sam Cassell yesterday. "A lot of what we did (in Game 1) was we took ourselves out of our offense. But I will be (more aggressive) in trying to attack my man more when I have the ball.

"It was hard last night because there weren’t a lot of opportunities. I didn’t want to get into the mode of trying to force it because I think when we forced it we did commit turnovers. But I will be more aggressive tomorrow."

Coach Doc Rivers said some of the responsibilities for creating shots for Allen rests on the team as well.

"We have to run more stuff for him," Rivers said. "In Seattle he did a lot of ball-handling. We still want to get him off catch-and-shoot jump shots, plays like that. We can."

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