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Hack-a-Shaq In Jeopardy?

Rough times for Spurs fans.  And Shaq haters.

Possibly rough times for people who love replay, too.

Word from the Commish is that the NBA will review some of its rules this coming off-season, and procedures surrounding the two aforementioned subjects are atop the list:

As reported by ESPN's J.A. Adande:

Stern said, "I think there are two subjects that are going to get some attention by the competition committee. No. 1 is review on clock situations. And No. 2 is the whole intentional fouls away from the play etc. I don't know what the results will be in each one, but I think those are worthy of some considered attention."

Stern indicated he had a problem with "the idea that, 'Hey, look at me, I'm going to hit this guy as soon as the ball goes into play, even though he's standing under the other basket.' I think that conversation has been started again, by the media, by fans etc. We're going to look at it again." 

Well, that much is for sure: The conversation has definitely started again.

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I've largely stayed out of the conversation thus far, and it's one that will have to be had in greater depth in this space in the off-season when we're not all consumed by green playoff runs. But for now, I'm sticking with the line I've maintained throughout: The fact that professional basketball players can't hit free throws is far more embarrassing to me as a basketball fan than the fact that certain teams in the league exploit this weakness of those players.

I can understand the league wanting to change the rule to make for more exciting play to watch, but as of yet, I'm not sure there is as much of a practical need for it as many others seem to think (and fully expect my view to be in the minority on this one). 

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