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Foggy Three Pointers

Fighting a head cold today, so pardon the randomness of these points.

  • The world is just now waking up to the reality that Delonte West is the funniest guy in the NBA.  (also see here)  We've known it all along.  Or at least since Valentine's Day, 2 years ago.  I still love the "wiah hangah" quote that the Celtics Stuff Live crew still trots out every so often.
  • Honestly, who doesn't get pumped up when Kevin Garnett gets down on all fours in an exaggerated defensive stance?  Some people preen and posture for offensive plays, but this guy does it for defense.  Apparently he's starting to call himself "the Cobra" for doing this move.  I like "the Panther" better, and I think this is a little too much like Kobe naming himself "the Black Mamba" but whatever.  It still gets me pumped.
  • I'm still laughing at the "Sam Cassell is Antonie Walker" comment by Jason Levine from the other night.  Nobody was more polarizing than Antoine in his multiple stints here.  Nobody is debated more this season than Sam Cassell.  When he's on, he can be the catalyst that pushes you over the top for a win.  When he's off, he can cost you a game.  Thankfully, unlike Antoine, Sam is still just the backup.  It is completely up to Doc Rivers to know when to use him and when to yank him out of there.

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