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Daily Links 5/8

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I am still having some technical problems posting the links and while Bob is working on it,  the problems still aren't ironed out.   We all need to give Bob a Tommy Point because the guy is tireless in trying to keep this place going.  Anyway, I tried something else.  I formatted them on another site and am going to try posting them that way. I apologize if there are any glitches in any of the links.  

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Herald Celtics Perk up on defense
Celtics need return to team offense
Rajon Rondo avoids the pressure point
LeBron James gives testament
King-sized task awaits
Cavaliers find ‘Ticket’ hard to get
Costly loss for Pistons
Cavaliers fail to follow formula on offense
Zero tolerance
KG is now the Cobra
Globe Point system
Other than Garnett, it was off-target Three for Celtics
Rough time dealing with flagrant call
For a day, James not the King
Atlanta GM stepping down
MetroWest Daily Celtics: C's trying to get the point right CelticVision interviews from practice
CelticsBlog Cavalier Attitude likes Posey
Foggy three pointers
LOY's Place Random Thoughts 5/8 Make your own "There Can Be Only One" face
Red's Army We can't lose to this guy
Sam's impact
Perkisabeast When it counts, Perk is a beast
ItemLive Ugly game 1 win may contain promising signs for the Celtics
The Cubs Corner 3 vs 1 Celtics/Cavs series just seems unfair
SouthCoast Today Looking past LeBron
NBAObsessed LeBron again is gone again
USA Today Stars' production dims in second round of playoffs
James, Cavs seek new look on offense against the Celtics Garnett deserves shot at ring - and so does Paul
Playoffs 2008 Motivation is the name of the game
Cavalier Attitude Five on five with CelticsBlog's Steve Weinman
The Gazette Pierce crunches the numbers
Chronicle Telegram LeBron confident heading into game 2
Plain Dealer Bud Shaw's sports spin
Celtics Posey earns praise for Game 1 performance
Track record supports James in game 2
Posey wreaking havoc on Cavs
Patriot Ledger Playoffs excite Paul Pierce
Pierce bullish on play of teammate Kendrick Perkins
HoopsAddict Duncan vs Garnett
ProJo Celtics thrive on fortifying defense at the Garden
Rivers wants Allen in the flow for Celtics
Sports of Boston Celtics four point play 5/7
Green Bandwagon Crunch time
Besides The Point Cavs offense needs work
Examiner Doc's son to transfer from Georgetown
The Sports Network Williams to be suspended for foul on Rondo
Reuters Hawks GM resigns after loss to Celtics
Parquet Pride Lots of man love for James Posey
ESPN Cavs-Celtics can't play 7 games like Game 1
Sons of Nev Game One just one game
Citizen Haines LeBron James and the Boston Celtics
English 08 Boston Celtics in two years
The Knicks Blog Playoff success hurting Thibodeau's chances
Sporting News Cavs can ease LeBron's burden with better offensive spacing
Canadian Press James says he won't repeat woeful Game 1 performance
Full Court Press Mike Brown's color coordinated eyewear and other observations
NECN Paul Pierce on his 4 point performance
Courtside View Practice update: Allen gets shot straight
Shamrock Headband Count it
BostonSportZ Wild, wild West
Metro Allen: Celtics can't win
No style points
Eagle Tribune Shades of Red
Worcester Telegram History lessons
Hoopsworld LeBron slowed by Celtics for now

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