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Where Stopping LeBron Happens


When LeBron was held to 2-18 shooting in game one, you could excuse us for thinking it was just an off night for him.  When he is then held to 6-24 shooting, as he was tonight, you have to start giving credit to the Celtics amazing defense.  Sure he got his 21 points and 6 assists, but in no way was he a factor in this game.

The Boston players clogged the driving lanes and contested every pass, making it difficult for his teammates to get the open looks that he normally gets for them.  Posey, Powe, and others worked in unison to bother James when he did make it near the basket.  The only space LeBron found was on the perimeter where he was 0-4.

This game was simply a brillant defensive strategy fanatically implemented by an energetic defense.  They made the right rotations, closed off options, and forced LeBron and the Cavs to take difficult shots.

I could talk about the spark that Leon Powe gave us in the first half.  I could talk about how Posey has really stepped up in the playoffs, showing what a great pickup he was in the offseason.  I could talk about another double double by KG.  I could talk about a strong bounce back game by Pierce.  I could talk about Ray Allen finally breaking out of his shooting slump.  But the overwhelming story of the game was the defense. 

Just a fantastic performance by the best defensive team in all the land. 

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