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Get Well Soon, Chauncey

In Game 3 of the Pistons-Magic series in Orlando on Wednesday night, Chauncey Billups' legs bent in a way they aren't made to be able to bend.

The inadvertent pseudo-split Billups did after banging into Orlando guard Jameer Nelson looked far less than pleasant, and word is that Billups has a strained hamstring and doesn't know if he'll be able to go in Game 4 on Saturday.

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But for as surly and condescending as Billups can come across sometimes, here's hoping he makes as quick a recovery as possible.  We're all human beings, and rooting for injuries to others is a pastime we won't engage in here.

Billups has had an excellent season and deserves plenty of recognition for his stellar play all year.  It would be a shame to see him miss the season's most crucial games for his team.  Feel better soon, Chauncey!

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