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Globe Shakeup Continues

Boston Daily is reporting that Marc Spears is going to take over Peter May's old NBA beat, thus leaving a spot open to cover the Celtics.

It should be an easy transition for Spears, who is sourced up all over the NBA, and has a national presence through his work on Spears will pull double-duty throughout the playoff run, staying on the Celtics beat and doing the Sunday Notes.

"He’ll still be intimately involved with (the Celtics)," Globe sports editor Joe Sullivan says. "But this is a natural step for him."

There’s still an unanswered question for next season: Who gets the Celtics gig?

Sullivan says he hasn’t made a decision yet, but he notes that he’s looking internally. One name who would make a ton of sense is Chris Gasper, who distinguished himself working the Patriots beat with Mike Reiss, and has been pulling Celtics duty during the playoff run.

I think the promotion is well deserved as I have enjoyed Marc's writing since he joined the Globe.  He's always been a bit of an outsider with a broader perspective, so this might even be a better fit.  I am not specifically familiar with Gasper's work, but I'll have to keep an eye out for his stuff in the coming weeks.

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