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Rose, Beasley Respect Each Other, Rip On Dorsey

Since we took the time earlier in the week to report the draft projection stylings of Memphis power forward Joey Dorsey, it seems only right to give some space to those refuting any claims of Dorsey's inside knowledge as well.  Particularly when the doubters are Dorsey's point guard and his projected number one pick themselves.

As reported by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Ira Winderman:

"He was just in the arcade room and I was just asking him what was he thinking when he said that," Rose said with a grin. "He was just playing around. If anybody knows, it wouldn't be Joey."

Neither Rose nor Beasley said they had any insights into the draft order.

Beasley laughed off Dorsey's comment.

"Oh yeah, Joey, he got this car to take him to the future sometimes," Beasley said with a smile. "He must have just got back from the future."

Sounds from here like Dorsey knows about as much as most of the draft pundits out there then, but that's just one cynic's opinion.

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While we continue to wait for more credible evidence of how the draft while shake down, it was nice to see -- modestly or otherwise -- Rose showing some love to his counterpart atop the draft board:

"It's definitely him," Rose said of Beasley, when asked about which was the superior player. "He's way better than me. He's versatile."

From the looks of things, whoever ends up with either of these players will be quite happy for some time to come.  It doesn't hurt that they seem to be likable enough dudes as well. 

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