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You Got Rondo'd

Nice. (via Boston Globe)

"You got Rondo'd!" Reebok hopes this new catchphrase in reference to Rajon Rondo will become a familiar one in New England during the NBA Finals. Reebok filmed three commercials in Canton over the weekend with former Celtics Jo Jo White and Dee Brown and Patriots star Vince Wilfork. The spots will be shown online and in TD Banknorth Garden during the Finals. The first one shows a small car sliding between two Hummers into a parking spot. The drivers of the Hummers stick their heads out of their cars in disgust. Then White gets out of the small car and says, "Sorry, fellas, you just got Rondo'd." The second ad shows Brown as a dentist, wearing a surgical mask. After pulling a tooth from a satisfied and surprised patient, Brown says, "It's OK. I Rondo'd it. You'll be fine." The last commercial shows Wilfork and some of his teammates watching a game, with one slice of pizza left. Wilfork points out a window and says, "Hey, check it out, a parade!" While they look, Wilfork eats the last slice. A teammate says, "Vince, did you just Rondo my slice?" Another adds, "Dude, we totally got Rondo'd." Before each commercial, "Rondo" will be defined as moving smoothly between larger objects, being able to remove an object quickly and efficiently, or creating a distraction with a swift change of direction. "I didn't know they were going to do all that," said Rondo with a smile. Reebok attempted to get Bill Russell in one of the ads, but couldn't get it worked out. Reebok is hoping it doesn't get Rondo'd by Rondo himself. The point guard's contract with the shoe company ends after this season. Reebok has been in negotiations with Rondo's representation agency, BDA Sports Management.

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