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Daily Links 6/10

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Herald   Celtics’ underappreciated subs making a difference     
Paul Pierce proves he’s real star of NBA Finals    
Staying positive, Lakers plan rally cry     
David Stern: 2-3-2 finals format was Red Auerbach’s idea  
Curt Schilling’s new perspective on Kobe Bryant     
Celtics reserve Leon Powe has overcome plenty   
Jerry West: Kobe’s Lakers not done      
New coach Terry Porter already on the Suns' hot seat    
Chicago offers Vinny Del Negro coaching job       
Lakers need Pau Gasol to help shape Phil Jackson’s triangle     
Michael Curry, Pistons pick for coach, is a leader on and off the court     
Can the Lakers close the toughness gap at home against the Celtics?     
A format for success in NBA Finals     
Making a point to remember Tommy Heinsohn      
Globe   Smoke and mirrors     
Blowing whistle on Game 3       
Much anticipation surrounding this LA premiere     
Home success a staple of LA's postseason     
Pierce is California dreamin'     
Bynum can only bide time      
The kinda big 2     
Assorted  posts in the Globe Celtics blog    

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MetroWest Daily   Celtics: Perfect position      
Celts learn lessons from Game 2 finish     
Celtics Notebook: Schedule an issue for Boston     
CelticsBlog   It's all about the D      
Celtics Stuff Live post game tonight with Grande and Pincus  
On consistency of officiating        
LOY's Place   Want some cheese with that whine?      
Kobe doesn't know the meaning of Ubuntu      
ESPN  Lakers need to get reacquainted with the paint, arc     
Simmons:   C's and the city:  Both looking very good  
Sympathy for the Lakers?  Not until they earn it     
Hoopsworld   Cry me a river Los Angeles      
LA needs some home cooking    
It's time for Lakers basketball       
Zen Master takes refs to task, quietly     
Red's Army   The bandwagon is looking a little empty     
Perkisabeast   Preview and a pairing - Game 3    
Star Telegram   If Kobe is ever going to be like Mike, it must be tonight    
ProJo  Celtics concern is to keep the Lakers from turning the tables on them  
Everything will go the Lakers' way tonight         
These friends close despite different loyalties    
Daily Bulletin    Lakers minds are on home defense   
Time is not on Lakers' side          
Celtics star Pierce goes back to his roots     
Home is where the hope lies     
LA Daily News   Back in LA, Lakers are ready to rally     
Officially, Lakers have a lot of concerns     
Lakers offense is obtuse       
No. 0 is latest Celtics hero     
Rally doesn't hide Lakers' problems      
LA Times   Enduring the Celtics scene in Lakers' land   
Lakers have to pull it together pronto        
Game 3 is deadline for Lakers to snap out of it        
Small ball isn't the Lakers' long term answer     
Someone's paying attention to the Lakers-Celtics officiating     
Lakers rally in game 2 makes things interesting     
How Paul Pierce, a born Laker, grew up to be a Celtic  
Going small aided Lakers' fourth quarter comeback   
Press Enterprise   Finals deficit doesn't faze Lakers         
Celtics bench doing it's job      
NY Post   Jax needs showtime from Kobe       
SouthCoast Today   Lakers stunned by Powe punch     
Pasadena Star News   Lakers running out of excuses      
Connecticut Post   Rethinking East vs West       
Why this game typified both teams     
NewsStar   LSU's Big Baby Davis enjoying life with the Celtics     
Sporting News   It's called D-E-F-E-N-S-E       
KG guards the paint like his privacy            
Sacramento Bee    Kobe can't do it by himself vs Celtics     
Mercury News   Hello world    
Hartford Courant   Celtics head  West in command  
Inside Bay Area    Leon Powe delivers big in playoffs      
KU Sports   Pierce closing in on Jo Jo          Celtics make Cavs look good      
Houston Chronicle   Mature Cassell cherishes the moment    
Celtics reserves make pronounced statement  
Eagle Tribune   If Pierce keeps this up, series may not come back to Boston   
Detroit News   Pierce will see who's on his side    
Star Ledger   Celtics bench is chock full o' Nets              
InRich   Celtics have the lead, Lakers have the advantage          
NY Times   Bryant in need of a Celtic-like embrace       
Pierce's road from Inglewood could hit summit nearby      
Globe and Mail   Lakers return home as underdogs 
USA Today   Multi-talented Ainge chooses modesty in the face of praise     
West:  Don't count out Kobe and the Lakers          
HoopsAddict   Celtics rough up Lakers' bench    
Hardwood Paroxysm   Corn's Game 2 thoughts   Ratings up for Game 2 of Finals       
Keys to a Lakers' turn around      
Pierce headed home has a chance to knock out Lakers     
Road to redemption      
Wicked Good Sports   What your Celtics jersey says about you     
Fox Sports    Down 2-0, Lakers sorely need a hero    
Free throw disparity crucial in Celtics' game 2 win   
The Sports Beat   From euphoria to phew!          
Worcester Telegram  Take it from Cooz:  Unload that shot, Rondo     
Home run?       
The Sports Network   Lakers will be in attack mode      
FanHouse   Don't dismiss Leon Powe because Lakers' defense sucks   
Washington Post   Lakers need even more from their star     
Bleacher Report  The Zen master smells trouble  
CBS Sports   Celtics D, physical tactics have Kobe all balled up     
Deadspin    You always gotta put a body on Leon Powe     
Lex Nihil Novi   Ainge and Wedman step up in game 2 of 84 Finals      
C's end talk of sweep in game 2 of 84 finals      
Our inferior bench                 
Kobe is thirsty    
Time to get out the paddle:  We need to be punished      
Leon Powe Fan Site   Let's go back to the well   
Metro    Bench boosters       
Full Court Press  That's right, Iceman, the Celtics are dangerous    
Green Bandwagon   One request for Ray Allen      
AM NY   The Truth besting Kobe in NBA finals    
AFP   Boost from Gasol vital if Lakers to rebound in NBA Finals     
ItemLive   Celtics seek coronation on the road       
Shamrock Headband    The inglorious escape 

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