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Lakers Bounce Back

It was a valiant effort, but in the end Kobe was too much. It was a sloppy, ugly game but the Celtics were still in position to steal it at the end of the 3rd.  The defense kept Boston in the game but Garnett and Pierce were ice cold and the Celtics just couldn't find enough offense beyond what Ray Allen provided.

More thoughts:

  • Perhaps the Sam Cassell experiment can finally be put to rest.  Eddie was strong tonight.
  • Sasha Vujacic had a big game with 3 three pointers and 20 points.
  • Pierce looked a step slow and out of rhythm all night - is it the knee or just a bad game?
  • Garnett still taking too many jumpers.  When those don't fall, he needs to post up more.
  • For those scoring at home, the free throws were 34 to 22 in L.A.'s favor.
  • Hats off to the Lakers, they were Kobe was aggressive and it paid off.

I said before the game that defense was the key.  I still think defense is the foundation upon which you win, but you kinda need a little offense too.  Tonight it wasn't there.

Still no need to panic.  We can still maintain the advantage by picking up game 4.

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