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Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Game 3 - Recap

Since getting knocked off line at the worst time possible I had a tough stretch here. But I'm back. Still head over to ROOMOFZEN for numerous takes on Game 3.

My quick reactions:

- Ray Allen was stellar.

- Eddie House did okay but looked rusty, which is to be expected. Still he is bringing something to the table. I hope he's the back up 1 from here on out.

- KG and Paul Pierce were awful from the field. In Garnett's case the Lakers doubled him well. But when he drove to the hoop good things happened. And I loved the way he rebounded and ran the court. The Truth looked lost.

- Kobe Bryant is an excellent player. And he played out of his mind while Sasha Vujacic stepped up big. Yet the Celtics still had a shot.

- I still believe in Leon Powe. I know he got the quick hook. But he was down low banging. If a whistle or 2 went his way, maybe he goes to the line and gets in a rhythm.

- In the end I thought the officiating was more or less fine, even if 2/3 of the crew terrified me.

- Defense, Ray Allen, and missed LA free throws kept this one close.

- Kendrick Perkins made a good point. If a team holds the Lakers to 87 points in LA, said team has a good shot at winning.

- Jeff Van Gundy - I'm disappointed in you. They got to you. Scared of David Stern are you? You had to believe something if you would speak in a manner that would cost you $100,000. Now? Not so much.

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