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H20 Wants Another Run

He played through this scenario last year, and it didn't work.

But Allan Houston isn't giving up.

As reported by the New York Post's Lenn Robbins:

Houston, 37, attempted a comeback with the Knicks prior to last season before deciding the fit wasn't right.

"I've been around New York for a long time now and I know the passion these fans have for the Knicks - it's unbelievable," said Houston. "I'd love to see that again in New York."

The intriguing part is that it might make more sense in the year to come than it did last time around.

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Actually, scratch that.   It isn't wholly true.

Houston coming back doesn't make sense because he's 37 years old, and the Knicks aren't in any shape to win in the present.

But if they were, a guy whose only remaining skill is shooting would probably be a nicer fit for Mike D'Antoni's system than for previous coaches in New York.

He fits the system but not the age bracket.  Sorry, Allan. 

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