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Rondo Update

From Rondo himself:

If you were watching the game you know that I injured my ankle in the third quarter. It happened on a fast break and I rolled it. I think I may have stepped on someone's foot, but I still haven't seen the play. It's a different feeling than I've ever had. I've injured my ankle before but this one is unlike the others. The pain is on the inside of my foot. All the other ankle sprains have been on the outside. I will be getting a lot of treatment tonight, tomorrow, Thursday to try to get it ready to go for game 4. I did try to go again in the fourth quarter, but I really couldn't make any hard cuts. No one is 100% at this point, but I was probably 50%. Coach made the right decision taking me out because I didn't have my quickness. E House did a great job filling in. When his name was called he was ready to play and that's big for us.

A healthy Rondo is critical for us this series.  Hopefully he'll be good enough to play and play well. 

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