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Quick Hits From Scott Souza

Scott Souza had some nice quick thoughts about the game:

The Celtics shot poorly, got minimal contributions from Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, saw their point guard go down with injury and watched Kobe Bryant parade to the line all night. And they still almost won. Give credit to the Lakers for making the plays late at home, but the Best Player vs. Best Team theory clearly still applies.

For now, at least.

Other things of note:

  • Looks like the Eddie House Era is back. Somehow, we can’t hear anyone complaining. When the announcers were going on about how House spreads the floor for Garnett in the post, how many were thinking: "We just spent the last seven months knowing that." …
  • You knew Leon Powe wasn’t going to have two games like that in a row. Get the feeling he has another one in him, though, huh? …
  • Kendrick Perkins’ strong effort tonight is going to be overlooked in the loss. …
  • This is the Ray Allen we have been waiting most of the season for. …
  • Still not sure this makes it back to Boston.

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