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Daily Links 6/11

Herald Paul Pierce, Celtics off mark
Paul Pierce simply homesick
If any father knows best, Walton’s the one
One out of Three not enough for Celtics
Kobe Bryant never more giant
Other shoe drops on Celtics
Scott Pollard left to wonder about refs
Despite living with HIV, good health a Magic (Johnson) act
Not Green with envy, Chris Wallace roots for Celtics
In defense of Bryant
Despite victory, Lakers not moving in direction of a championship
They live and die for L.A.
A foul issue in the NBA finals
Kareem gives pre-game pep talk to NBA Entertainment crew
Rivers, Bird succeeded as NBA coaches with no experience
Globe Coast Trip
Wrong way in LA
Out West, their game went south
NBA denies Donaghy claims
Allen was routinely productive
Rondo suffers ankle sprain
Fix was quick
Vujacic: Plenty in reserve
A Star turn looming for Boston?
Team theme: Take it away
Various posts on Globe Celtics blog

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MetroWest Daily No sweep for the C's
Courtside View Obstructed view Allen's shooting keeps C's alive in losing effort
Offense sputters as Pierce and KG struggle in game 3
Looking for spark, Rivers makes House call
CelticsBlog Sasha shoots 'em dead and more from game 3
Is that the best you've got?
LOY's Place Pierce, KG struggle as Lakers take Game 3
Comments from the other side - Lakers game 3
Celtics 17 Celtics will not sweep One out of three is bad
Lakers ugly, but effective
Celtics Notebook
Finals blog: Dog tired
ESPN Bryant wins late game matchup against Allen
Man or machine? Vujacic both in game 3
Donaghy's fixing allegations cast a shadow over game 3
Liveblogging game 3
Yardbarker Let it get away - Rondo's blog
Hoopsworld Donaghy claims refs altered playoff games
Lakers close the gap
Red's Army Trend vs exception
Perkisabeast Top 10 plays of the Celtics season

I apologize for this very abbreviated version of the links today.  I am having internet problems and it has taken me 5 hours to get just this far and now have to go out.  Lots more out there, but don't have the time to finish them.  

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