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Ten Keys to Game 4

1. Get Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett going in general, to the hoop in particular. The Celtics can't afford a repeat of Game 3 where Pierce and KG fired jumpers that just didn't fall.

2. Hurt LA's guards in the most legal way possible. And by that I don't mean injure. Rather if the Lakers decide to employ full court pressure the Celtics guards must run them into Kendrick Perkins or P.J. Brown. Those types of screens can be devastating.

3. Play Eddie House. Celtics fans tend to overrate House because he runs around like a maniac. But at this point his weaknesses (dribbling, initiating the offense) are Cassell's weaknesses. And House can contribute in other ways - deflections on defense, running a bit, even hitting the boards. Also I'm sold on playing House and Posey at the same time.

4. More Leon Powe. Realistically Powe is not likely to have another performance like Game 2. However, if given minutes it won't be like Game 3 either. He has a knack for rebounding and getting to the line. Both are good.

5. No Sam Cassell. #3 covered this in a way but I just wanted to hammer it home.

6. Keep Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom out of a rhythm. Gasol's numbers have been solid at times. My concern is that he has shown flashes of what he can bring to the table. It will be important for the Celtics bigs to keep up their physical play.

7. Own the boards. +1 is not enough. I know what you're thinking - it was enough in Game 2. Fair enough. I just prefer the 13 rebound advantage from Game 1.

8. Don't let Sasha Vujacic or anyone not name Kobe Bryant get hot. Kobe is going to get his. We know this. Yet someone else has to step up if the Lakers are going to win.

9. Get the ball to KG on the block. Even if he doesn't want it there. And if that means more House with Ray Allen to space the floor, well that will have to do for stretches.

10. Don't panic. The Celtics are up 2 and lost a close one on the road. Now is not the time to throw Tony Allen out there to defend Kobe Bryant.

In the end the Celtics don't have to do all of these to win. That's in a perfect world. And I like the idea of ten items to discuss. If Pierce and KG can get it going on the offensive end everything else might fall into place.

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