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Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers: Game 4 - Open Game Thread

I recently got back into lifting weights. In fact I just finished up a session about 5 minutes ago. And something struck me as I did it. Lifting can get a person incredibly fired up. If I were a professional basketball player I'd do a lot of things - dunk all the time, eat at a Cheesecake Factory, blog, randomly yell, "Make him pay!" a lot, swear like KG and Eddie House, play tons of horse, try to live off of my per diem, do the celebration with a teammate where we both jump in the air, and lift before games. Nothing crazy. I wouldn't want to tire out the muscles or overdevelop an area. And I've definitely lifted on occasion only to shoot a basketball afterwards with disastrous results (worse than usual). But I'm pretty sure the team trainer could work out a program for me. Seriously, I feel like Scott Jurgensen in the Will Ferrell evil boss skit, minus the cocaine of course.

One important point: If KG already lifts before games no big deal. But if he doesn't, I strongly urge the Celtics organization to prevent him from doing so. He would seriously maim someone. I'm not kidding. Sasha Vujacic would be doing Sasha Vujacic things, bothering Ray Allen, and KG would pounce, conquer, and then pound his chest repeatedly while screaming two words over and over again. One of the words would be "motha". The other would rhyme with "trucker".

Final points:

- Will Paul Pierce bring it tonight?  And by bring it I mean attack the rim.

- How will the Celtics counter the Kobe on Rajon Rondo early, on Pierce late strategy the Lakers employed in Game 3?

- Speaking of Rondo. Will he have his patented quickness?

- Eddie House or Sam Cassell?

- Will the Celtics figure out the best way to defend Kobe if it's close down the stretch?

- Will Jeff Van Gundy realized he wimped out last night and criticize the officiating?

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