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Daily Links 6/12

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Herald   Celtics key: Catch some Z’s     
The winner clear to ‘C’    
Eddie House warming is welcome     
Kobe Bryant talks Patriots, Red Sox    
Phil Jackson may coach it, but Doc Rivers can couch it    
Rajon Rondo status still up in air    
Crazy like a Fox: Ex-Celt prefers L.A. To Hub   
Players react to ref’s charges       
As Kobe Bryant comes on, Kevin Garnett just fades away    
After Game 3 woes, Lakers and Celtics need to shoot straight     
Globe   Rondo expects to play       
Getting more from Garnett would be ticket     
This calls for a Stern response     
Doc's prescription for his players? Rest      
Painting ugly picture  
Bryant comes out swinging      
Odom is taking the foul trouble personally     
A time out for bank in renaming the Garden    
Ryan looks ahead to game 4      
The last play     
Practice chatter    

More Links After the Jump   Rondo aims to play in game 4      
LOY's Place    Thoughts going into game 4        
Tonight's officials are...   
ESPN     NBA has no quick fix for Donaghy's fixing charges      
NBA is doing little to squash suspicions of impropriety  
Simmons:  You want answers?  I think you're entitled  
Reporting from Game 3 of the Finals           
Jump shot Jesus has returned      
TrueHoop    Never going to see another player/coach       
Hoopsworld   Lakers keys to game 4       
Red's Army   We really want this one      
Perkisabeast   Who will you believe David Stern or your own lying eyes?    
JS Online   Walton's back from injury     
Sports of Boston   Celtics four point play           
Washington Post   Refgate puts NBA in a fix 
For Luke Walton, Father's Day is here         
Boston seeks a way to win one in LA          
Hartford Courant   Time for Finals to live up to billing       
If the NBA is rigged it's got to get a lot better at it        
Lakers try to get their groove      
Kevin Garnett's jump shots are good - for the Lakers      
Donaghy's claim opens old wound for Kings fans  
Lakers don't seem up to the challenge     
Lakers Celtics game 3 memorable night for the wrong reasons  
Jackson knows how to play it cool    
Press Telegram   Gasol faring well against Garnett         
Bad calls gives NBA referees a bad wrap        
LA Daily News    An Auerbach at home in LA    
Worcester Telegram   Could the series turn on Rondo's ankle?    
Kobe says Schilling off base about his yelling    
Dime   Bad timing for singing Dohaghy, Rondo injury                
KC Star   Bryant becoming Jordan, Garnett becoming Sampson 
The Star   Celtics need Garnett to get back on target   Going small may help the Lakers              
Rings, not great stats, the mark of greatness      
Vujacic playing like Machine for Lakers     
USA Today   Guru keeps Celtics on defense    
Reuters   Garnett needs to emerge from slump, says coach      
National Post   Players not buying what Donaghy's selling    
Sporting News  Lakers, Celtics look to play better in game 4    
Rondo has answered the call and still has room to grow      
Shamrock Headband   50% of something      
Slam Online    Quotes from practice      
Fox Sports   Both teams look forward to better game 4 outing    
Time to see if the Truth can handle LA         
AFP    Celtics hope to bounce back as Lakers try to pull even    
HoopsAddict   Doc giveth and Doc taketh away     
Globe and Mail    Dissecting Kobe        
CBS Sports   Garnett's skills wasted while he hangs around the perimeter  
Chicago Tribune   Marquette administrator provides Celtics' motto       
Metro   What's wrong with Kevin Garnett?   No excuses        
NY Times  Rondo's injury adds uncertainty to Celtics' backcourt 
Lex Nihil Novi   How bad do you want it?       
Two games left, one win needed        
C's pounded in game 3 of 84 finals      
Bostonist    Outplayed    
Yardbarker   Update from Rondo      
Headband challenge      
Leon Powe Fan Site     What an awful game       
Patriot Ledger   Early rising Celtics fans face dilemma with late start times    

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