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Rondo Updates

Gary Dzen has the following updates on Rondo:

LOS ANGELES -- Rajon Rondo walked onto the Staples Center floor at 6:27 p.m., EST. He has both ankles taped, his injured left ankle no more heavily wrapped than his right.

The Celtics point guard is doing some light shooting right now. He's getting good elevation on his jump shot. He's relaxed and joking with his ball boys.

I'm sitting right next to the court, and at this point I see no hitches in Rondo's warm-up. He looks good.

UPDATE (6:47 p.m.): One thing we still haven't seen Rondo do -- cut. He's strictly been taking jump shots. This is not unusual, however. He never works up a big sweat before games. In other words, he's sticking to his usual routine,which is a good sign.

Rajon Rondo walked off the Staples Center court shortly after 6:45 p.m. EST. He didn't seem to have any problems with his left ankle during warm-ups.

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