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Back Breaker!


Historical comeback!  Up 3-1


Starting to get my voice back.  Wow.  Just wow.

  • The Big Three played like Champions.
  • Paul Pierce said "I want to guard Kobe" and he did.
  • Huge bucket by Ray Allen to cap a big game.
  • KG was clutch in the 4th.  Eat it critics.
  • Big Game James was huge.
  • Eddie House filled in for Rondo wonderfully.
  • Hats off to Doc Rivers, who kept them focused and composed.
  • Paul has now been part of the two most significant comebacks in the history of the playoffs.
  • Kobe played the role of facilitator - and it almost worked.
  • I don't think I've seen this team play worse in a first half.  But oh what a 2nd half.
  • The Lakers can't come back from this.  They just can't.  Back breaker.

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