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More From Celtics/Lakers Game 4

Ray Allen's reverse lay up was ridiculous. To review. He blew by a rotating Kobe Bryant, jumped, avoided Pau Gasol's block attempt, which was a lot more of an attempt than his game 2 wave at Leon Powe and his later wave at Allen in game 4, started falling, and somehow threw squeezed a shot off between an outstretched Lamar Odom and the basket. I've referenced this play about 5 times already on the blog. Although this time I actually watched it. To be fair Kobe was probably concerned about the 3, as he should have been. But he still got burned. It was crazy:

Ray Allen Drives Baseline and Makes a Tough Reverse Lay-Up (via NBA)

I know Sasha Vujacic and Ray Allen got tied up and if you watch closely (no video available right now) you can see Allen pull Vujacic to the floor. However, that is nowhere near the same as what Vujacic did next - he put a scissor hold (hat tip Mark Jackson) on Allen and kicked the Celtics star to the floor. It's always dangerous to mess around with a NBA player's legs, especially a jump shooter. There's a reason Allen hates Bruce Bowen. Meanwhile, now Boston can feel even better about despising Vujacic. 

If the "Beat LA" chant were an 8 on a scale of 1-10, the "Boston Sucks" chant would be a 3. And it should probably be lower than that but I tried to adjust for my biased ways.

Speaking of chants. The Justin Timberlake led, "Let's go Lakers" was beyond pathetic.

I'm pretty cynical when it comes to marketing. Still even I was blown away by the following ad. Saw it for the first time towards the end of game 4. It's awesome.

There Can Only Be One: Compilation (via NBA)

I can't believe I didn't recognize this earlier. Ray Allen played the whole game. That's amazing. On top of that he grabbed 9 boards, had three steals, was perfect from the line (5-5), and shot well from the field (6-11). He came to play.

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