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Running and Gunning

At points last night the Celtics ran around the court, contesting everything, and gunning three-pointers like a 12th seed trying to upset a 5th seed in the NCAA tournament. They played at an outrageously frantic pace for stretches of that epic comeback. However, that description does not do Boston justice. The Celtics are a terrific defensive team and Kevin Garnett is an amazing defensive player. At some point we all need to step back and remember how awesome KG is. Seriously why do we all agree that defense wins championships and then dismiss ridiculous defense? I’d write more but Kelly Dwyer nailed it in his Behind the box score this morning.

Interesting side note. James Posey made a little over $3.2 million dollars this season. Look at some of the guys who made more. Finley and Francis stand out. And Lamar Odom too for making over $10 million more.

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