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LA Media Irony

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I can't help but enjoy this one.

The link on RealGM is titled "Vujacic Playing Himself Into a Raise?"

As reported by the OC Register's Kevin Ding:

LOS ANGELES -- Sasha Vujacic isn't just getting more famous here in the NBA Finals after his clutch 20-point Game 3. He's getting richer.

Vujacic is making $1.76 million this season. And where there used to be uncertainty whether any other club would make him a big-time offer this offseason as a restricted free agent, his strong postseason is making it more of a lock that he can make much more than the $2.6 million he's scheduled for next season in his expiring contract.

Fun timing, eh?

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Vujacic, of course, went 1-for-9 for a grand total of three points in the Lakers' 97-91 loss in Game 4 against the Celts.

He'll get his money anyway -- the man has had a solid season -- but it's hard not to smile at the timing of the piece and headline.  One more game just like that could be all we need.