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Sorry Laker fans.  It's nothing personal.  (Well, for most of you it isn't)

Bill Plaschke (same guy that accused Pierce of faking):

The Lakers didn't choke.They blew the NBA Finals without making a sound. They botched their entire season while standing still. 

You know how Los Angeles fans are famously criticized for leaving games early.  Add Kobe Bryant to their list.  He walked off the court with three seconds remaining as the Lakers were bringing up the ball for a final shot.  It was a most egregious act for a most valuable player.

T.J. Simers, LA Times:

Incomprehensible. Disgusting. Deflating. Ridiculous. Sickening. Impossible to fathom. A total meltdown. Appalling. Revolting. Depressing. Talk about a choke job. Historical and horrifying. Alarming. Shocking. The Lakers have the game's best coach, the game's best player and a 24-point lead almost halfway into a game they really must win, and they fall apart, disappear, take the rest of the night off. Unexplainable. Laughable, if everyone isn't crying, and Boston doesn't have to win but one more game to win a championship that was still there in the Lakers' clutches."

Bill Simmons diary:

5. The Kobe-MJ thing ... done. Over. Jordan never would have let that happen in the Finals. Ever. Under any circumstances. Nobody is ever allowed to bring this up again.

8:48: Just when I thought this couldn't get any better, they just cut to a replay of Vujacic punching a chair and fighting back tears on the bench. That wasn't just the best moment of the Celtics season, I think it was the best moment of my life.

Here's that moment captured on Youtube  

Forum Blue & Gold contributor:

A Game 4 Haiku
Lakers up Twenty
Spaniard and Odom Vanish
May I drink at work?

You can pinpoint the moment when his heart breaks.   Sad.

Kobe plans to drink to dull the pain

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