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Daily Links 6/14

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Herald    Allen plays a ‘huge’ role      
In pivotal moment, veteran showed drive    
A leading example     
Wins come at a price     
Battered Calif. Fan dreams of trip to Hub     
Kobe’s star still shines in Doc’s eyes      
Jack:   Celtics soon will be departed      
Globe    Collapse makes it tough for LA to come back       
Wanted: Healthy bodies    
Write off these versions    
Net work in '02 showed them it could be done    
Lakers' Jackson embarks on a salvage operation       
Faith was never lost      
Day after Q and A with Bob Ryan     
Various posts on the Globe Celtics blog      
Police prepare for next Celtics win  

More Links After the Jump    

MetroWest Daily   Celtics: Doc hopes to honor father with victory  
Perkins' status still in doubt     
CelticsBlog  Reveling in the latest tale of new Truth    
LOY's Place    And the whining continues 
The Lakers didn't choke, they were strangled   Rivers, Pierce finding success together    
Game 4 take:  Bill Russell       
Lakers cancel practice      
Friday media availability      
ESPN   The finals can't shake Donaghy mess     
Chat with JA Adande       
Hoopsworld   Rankings - Celtics own #1     
Top 10 future NBA coaches   
Perkisabeast     All gave some     
LATimes     Lakers big three vs Celtics big three       
Lakers devastating fall isn't new for Los Angeles     
Phil Jackson:  Master of disaster?       
The day after:  Phil Jackson cancels practice     
Young Lakers haunted by ghosts of Celtics past        
Lakers' collapse will not be forgotten    
Ratings picked up when Lakers faded     
Celtics are battered, but Lakers are the ones hurting       
The Lakers will always have their height       
Press Telegram     Lakers now in survival mode    
Lakers accentuate the positives      
LA Daily News     Rivers: Criticism of Bryant unfair    
LA can search game 4 lessons in life, sports     
AFP    Celtics can taste a title but still must win to savor flavor    
Doc's prescription cures Celtics' title ills  
Worcester Telegram  Death of dad hasn't hit Doc     
Call him Captain Comeback          
Chicago Tribune   Plenty of warning signs for Stern, NBA      
Washington Post   Spiritual journey leads Lakers coach to serenity   
For the Lakers, it's search and recovery after collapse 
Dime   Lakers still looking for the license plate of that Green truck   
The genius of Danny Ainge            
Celtics lone constant in a Finals of confusion            
New Celtic Brown has Scott doing the unthinkable     
Bucks Diary   Ray Allen is runaway MVP of these Finals       
The Star    Mixed emotions for Doc      
Lakers looking for inspiration     
Press Enterprise   Celtics will win title Sunday     
NBC Sports   Celtics on the verge of title, but they're hobbled   
Celtics Big Three prove better than Big One         
SouthCoast Today   Lakers star criticized for drinking quip after Celtics comeback     
SFGate   Celtics may need help from bench in game 5    
Balloons may carry the Bill Russell curse for Lakers     
Plan the parade in Boston, it's all but over for LA    
Bleacher Report  I was wrong about Doc Rivers and Ray Allen      
Dallas News   Celtics bringing perception of high flying Bryant down to earth   
OC Register   Finals loss in 08 would hurt Lakers in 09    
Sports On My Mind  Lakers game 4 collapse more a beginning than an end       
Maine Today   The Celtics MVP:  Once again, it's Kevin McHale     
The Hoop Doctor  Show Ray Allen the love      
CBS Sports   Halftime hero Doc is making Phil look foolish   
RealGM   Phil being outcoached?       
Yahoo Sports   No quit in Pierce       
Variety   Celtics comeback keeps ABC on top   5 thjngs we've learned from the NBA finals    
Lakers one game shy of elimination from NBA finals     
Ailing pivot Perkins iffy for game 5     
Globe and Mail   Series isn't over yet     
Trying season comes full circle for Rivers     
Wicked Good Sports   Wicked weekly Finals edition 
Stet Sports Blog   How the Boston Celtics saved the NBA's credibility       
The Caveman Network  Eddie House poised to surpass Barkley, Malone and Stockton 
Lex Nihil Novi    Give House the start     
Pose is nails    
Celtics going old school with this beat down     
The mea culpas begin      
Canadian Press  Jackson uses Garnett's comments to motivate Bryant   
Sporting News  Down and (probably) out in LA     
USA Today  Celtics Rivers out coaching Lakers Jackson so far     
Kobe drowns his mattress, not his sorrows          
National Post   Rivers's story one of the most unlikely of the finals      
Wages of Wins Journal   Game 4 thoughts, Ray Allen for MVP   
Yahoo Sports   Celtics coach influenced by his father's guidance       
Red's Army   This is what the rivalry needed      
ProJo   Extra rest day could be elixir to get injured players on floor    
The Celtics’ comeback win over the Lakers ranks with the best   
Anatomy of a Miracle      
Desperation of a Dawg   Paul Pierce:  Beyond the Glory      
Salt Lake Tribune   Pierce says he wasn't faking Game 1 injury     
Green Bandwagon   Is this Boston's last shot?       
Parquet Pride   Doc deserves credit for being a manager      
Eddie House is Dave Roberts     
Shamrock Headband    About last night       
BostonSportZ   What's wrong with Sasha?     
A look at game 4     
Lowell Sun     A comeback for the ages   

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