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Prognosis: Perkins Probable reports :

Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins said there is a "strong possibility" he can play in Game 5 of the NBA finals, even though he didn't practice Saturday and appeared to be heavily favoring his strained left shoulder.

"It's the finals, man. You've got to suck it up and go all out," he said before practice at the Los Angeles Lakers training facility. "I feel like I can go [Sunday night]. The doctor feels the same way. There's a strong possibility I'm playing."...

"It feels all right, mostly a little sore," Perkins said. "The doctors said I could do nothing in practice today. I'm going to give it some rest and give it a shot tomorrow. It's getting better every day."

[Doc] Rivers said Saturday that both Perkins and point guard Rajon Rondo, who had a bone bruise in his left ankle, would be in the starting lineup on Sunday, when the Celtics try to clinch the NBA championship. ...

"I think everybody's good," Rivers said. "[Perkins] is moving his arms and shoulders pretty well, so again, we won't know until tomorrow, but right now I think everything looks good."

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