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Daily Links 6/15

Herald  Time to C’s the moment     
No fan of waiting game    
Hub C’s fans reach out to stranded brother   
Central question   
Can Snoop dunk on Superman?     
Dad’s gift: A new ti-tle      
LA unwilling to read writing on the wall     
Celts float a Duck story    
Former C’s GM takes love of sports behind the lens  
Wyc: Ainge’s number might be up       
Rondo’s artistry in the paint draws raves    
Jack Welch: Boston sports team owners feed off their winning ways  
Dear diary        
Globe   Front men       
With burden on Kobe, should he have a beef?   
Celtic pride is back, but hold the hubris     
Perkins is 50-50 for Game 5       
Game 4 a good foundation for House     
Lakers say the show isn't over      
Right now, they're in a disaster area     
Posey has earned his keep      
Their night starts when the game ends 
Various posts from the Globe Celtics blog 

More Links After the Jump      Grande:   Father's Day       
Pierce:   I'll be ready       
CelticsBlog     Experiencing the swirl before the storm     
Celtics Stuff Live  Pre and Post game with Vescey, Souza and Pincus    
LOY's Place     Thoughts going into game 5     
Celtics 17    For your viewing pleasure, Game 4 video highlights      
ESPN    Doc Rivers adhering to his father's lessons    
Celtics never doubted Doc     
Dinged Perkins says strong possibility he can play in game 5 
Hoopsworld    Lakers with one last gasp       
By the numbers, Finals nearing end      
Red's Army   It ends tonight   
Dime    The biggest game of his career      
Chicago Tribune   It's 'D' sided: Celts are best     
Worcester Telegram   A Banner day?     
Their season began with a fowl    
SouthCoast Today    Title so close C's can taste the champagne       
NY Post    Piti-Phil Lakers have fallen and they can't get up      
Connecticut Post    Celtics one win away       
Beaumont Enterprise  Fans of Kendrick Perkins hope for the best     
Republican American     The Doc and Jack show    
Odd Jack    Can the Celtics win the NBA title, game 5 in LA?        
Kansas City Star   Fortune keeps smiling on Boston while ignoring KC 
Hartford Courant    Win today and the Celtics will be floating      
LA Times   Lakers will try to accomplish the unprecedented       
David Beckham is there but real Lakers fans are missing    
Kobe Bryant is still trying to write a happy ending     
Phil Jackson likes Kobe Bryant's attitude          
Bresnahan's take on the Lakers-Celtics series     
Boston Celtics thrive with a secret weapon     
Rivers says injuries won't affect Celtics' lineup      
The second half    
Lakers in never land         
Denver Post     A year ago Pierce was just like Melo        
Press Enterprise   Kobe Bryant:  Leader or tyrant    
Fontana's dancing Gino is a Celtics star      
Houston Chronicle   Allen adjusts to Celtics' role  
Unsportsmanlike Comment   Celts winning despite Rivers, not because of him    Big Three gets early start with Duck tour   
Sports Network  Rivers:  Perkins and Rondo will start game 5     
Washington Post    Gasol vows to be more aggressive against the Celtics      
Celtics coach proves he is no quack                 
AFP    Kobe turns to Harry Potter to break Celtics' magic spell    
Lex Nihil Novi   KG and the four guns            
KG, KG, and more KG      
Kobe and MJ:  Bottom lining the comparison     
Lakers still deeper   
AP    He's (still) got game:  Allen playing for his first title     
HeraldNet    Thibodeau is key to Celtics' defense       
TrueHoop   Ray Allen's perfect possession 
Sporting News   5 reasons the Lakers maybe, possibly,  could beat the Celtics   
Statesman    Zen won't equal a win this time around      
Shamrock Headband   One more            
BostonSportZ    KG tells the tale of how it all went down  
OC Register    Gasol's term as Lakers center is winding down        
LA Daily News    A telling moment for Lakers season      
Contra Costa Times   NBA chooses wrong strategy for  Donaghy's latest bombshell  
NBA Video   Rondo and Allen doing crazy half court shots

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