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The Last Mile Is The Hardest

The victory is so close you can taste it.  This team has run a marathon race all year long.  They got out front early on and never really looked back, but have found some struggles in the last quarter of the race.  Still, they remain in the lead and we can all see the finish line just over the horizon.  All they have to do is finish the race strong.  They've got enough cushion to let up a little, but it would be foolish to do so now.

Kobe and Phil are repeating the mantra that "its not over yet."  Laker fans (like Forum Blue & Gold) are searching for answers and looking for reasons to hope.

Will the Lakers counterpunch tonight? Will the other guys step up? Will we see a team come out and play with real pride and passion. Will Gasol go to the rim and dunk the ball rather than put up a soft layup? Will the Lakers let Kobe go one-on-one at times and spread the floor with shooters (ala game three)? It’s a cliché but it’s one because it is true — they have to take it one game at a time. Win game five, defend your home court. Worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Will the Lakers come out and defend, rebound and finish with authority at the rim?

The victory seems sure, but there's still the matter of playing the games.  Boston has to take care of business to earn the right to be called Champions.  The Lakers aren't just going to roll over and give it to them. 

One more win and nobody can call us overrrated again.  One more win and the skeptics and doubters will be shut up forever.  One more win and the legacy of each of the big three becomes cemented.  One more win and Doc Rivers puts his name in the history books.  One more win and we can all breathe again.  One more win and the Celtics are Champions.

One more win.

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