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Back To Boston

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The comeback fell short tonight.  We're headed back to Boston.  We have to find a way to stop spotting the Lakers a huge lead early.

  • Can't complain about the effort Paul Pierce gave tonight.  38 big points in the loss.
  • Kobe's steal (looked like a foul from here) was the play that essentially won it.
  • With that said, it never should have got to that point.  I won't use officials as an excuse.
  • Another double double for KG, but we still haven't seen his best game.
  • Missing two free throws in the clutch hurts too.
  • Appologies to Sam Cassell - he played well in the clutch tonight.
  • Nice to see Tony Allen making a contribution.
  • Hats off to the Lakers who were fast out of the gate and finished it off.
  • Kobe had a decent game but Odom and Gasol were the difference.
  • We missed Perkins tonight.  His presence was lacking in the middle.

Bottom line: LA is a quality opponent and it is no surprise that they made this a little more interesting, but Boston is still the better team and will finish it out in Boston.