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Daily Links 6/16

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Herald   Lakers put 17 on hold       
Celtics can’t afford to go to brink     
’Garbage’ time for Kevin Garnett     
Coaching breakdown: Phil Jackson’s full of it     
Kobe Bryant: Lakers’ man of steal   
Inactives stick with Celtics    
Paul Pierce is on a mission    
Shoulder shelves Kendrick Perkins     
Lakers prolong series, but odds still easily favor Celtics     
Lakers get a gift from Kevin Garnett      
Kevin Garnett’s ‘ticket’ doesn’t admit 1     
Celtics fans keep the faith     
From church bells to wedding bells, Red Auerbach a loyal friend     
Globe     LA Dodgers        
It was there for the taking      
No party on the coast      
Pierce's effort goes unrewarded       
Bryant able to finish what he started      
Rivers points out Rondo's problems     
Cassell ready to point the way in Game 6      
Allen tends to family matter      
Their gift was their presence     
Good experience: Brown is enjoying ride     
There is no substitute for a quality bench      
Though dejected, Boston fans cling to confidence     
Lakers Newble aware on and off the floor       
Various posts on Globe Celtics' blog  

More Links After the Jump  Post game presser       
Post ups notebook      
CelticsBlog    Celtics in 6      
It's not just how you finish       
LOY's Place  Celtics fail to close it out, Series returns to Boston    
Comments from the other side - Lakers game 5 
Celtics 17     Parade postponed:  LA wins game 5    Everything but the ring        
Lakers survive Celtics comeback, win game 5     
The young dumb survivors      
Game 5 live blog and last thoughts     
ESPN      Bryant got some help from his friends 
Late game let down keeps Celts' champagne corked     
Lakers ready to make history?  Probably not without help      
Farmar steps up in game 5      
TrueHoop   Tough night for Ray Allen            
Live blogging game 5    
Hoopsworld   Game 5 courtside blog     
Bryant's defense keeps Lakers' season alive      
Don't blame Dick Bavetta     
Full Court Press   Boston falls just short and loses game of inches      
Union Tribune   LA stayin' alive after tense victory in game 5 at home     
Bucks Diary    Heroes and goats from game 5       
The Celtics heist no one mentions      
USA Today   Lakers' Gasol, Odom deliver in time of need     
Pierce does his job, but Celtics can't clinch     
Journal Sentinel   NBA's officiating issue has smoke, but no fire      
NY Times  Officiating crew is a focus after assignment of Bavetta    
Lakers say it isn't over, Last word to be in Boston        
Yahoo Sports   Garnett's game 5 performance smells foul      
Now real test comes for Kobe, Lakers      
Refs in crosshairs of biased announcers       
Lakers running out of time to solve Celtics defense      
Bleacher Report   Kevin Garnett chokes again in Boston loss     
Worcester Telegram    Homecoming     
Ailing shoulder shelves Perkins     
Dime   Lakers survive, advance to game 6    
Casino    Celtics gambling on home court to win them title after loss    
Concord Monitor   Laker win sends series to Boston      
Connecticut Post    Lakers steal game 5     
Globe and Mail    Pierce steps out of shadows      
Fox Sports   Kobe, Lakers just good enough in game 5       
Lakers get it done ugly in game 5     
LA Times     Lonnie White's X's and O's for the Lakers-Celtics series    
Odom is key for the Lakers        
Lakers rise to the occasion to beat Celtics   
Don't dare count out the Lakers        
Lakers have a faint pulse    
Lakers still have desire         
Heroics just elude Celtics' Paul Pierce      
Shoulder injury puts Perkins on the bench      
Kobe still trying to write a happy ending      
The World of Doug Christie    The Kings and fans were stiffed and it's still happening    Hartford Courant     Kobe's school of logic passes test    
Injured shoulder forces Perkins to sit        
OC Register   Garnett:  I played like garbage        
CBS Sports   Hurt or not, Rondo must step up for Celtics   Kobe:  Only balance can bring  title         
Pierce gaffe spoils big scoring night        
NECN   Garden is going to be a jungle       
Houston Chronicle     Celtics leave LA unhappy     
Lakers Nation   Ray Allen's daughter rushed to hospital, diagnosed with diabetes     
ProJo    Lakers prove too tough, keep series alive            
Tough Lakers hold off key Celtics           
Garnett:   I played like garbage tonight     
NBC Sports    Defense, rebounding the difference for Celtics     
AFP    Garnett, Pierce, and Allen unite to approach title NBA dream    
Sporting News   Why the Celtics will win and other winning thoughts  
Lakers look to Kobe to turn around series against the Celtics    
FanHouse   James Posey:  The new Robert Horry  
Celtics injuries loom for game 6                  
Lex Nihil Novi    1984 C's win game 4 of NBA Finals    
Bird leads the way to game 5 win for '84 Celts       
Lakers take game 6 of '84 Finals         
Courtside View    No Hollywood ending         
Shamrock Headband   Gotta fight on     
Green Bandwagon    Game 5 recap      
Sports of Boston    Hold the champagne, Celtics lose tough game 5          
CelticsNews   Back to Beantown       
Leon Powe Fan Site   Heading back to Boston     
Metro   Back to Boston    
No ducking out for Big 3            
Running Up the Score    Let's just have the parade and end this

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