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Daily Links 6/17

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Herald   Injured Celtics fail physical     
Celtics home in on rare Hub clinch    
Easy-to-follow directions for Celtics to arrive at title No. 17     
Ray Allen expected to play     
Pick and roll has big role in Celtics’ success     
Joey Fund raffling off four tickets to Game 6    
Kobe Bryant talks about tie to Muhammad Ali      
Boston’s on the moo-ove! apologizes for Celtics-Hitler reference     
Kobe Bryant won’t force points     
Sending the Lakers to Boston? It’s a waste of jet fuel      
Globe    Doesn't it get better than this?     
At the Bank, it's locked up (maybe)     
Reality check        
Trash-talking himself      
Resilient Lakers focused on making history    
Farmar reaps benefits of an aggressive approach     
After NBA highs, a.m. Lows     
Various posts from the Globe Celtics blog  

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MetroWest Daily Fenton: C's need more from KG
Celtics victory won't come without a fight
Celtics: Injuries taking a toll
CelticsBlog Home sweet home court
Celtics Stuff Live and Celtics Pride postgame tonight
Seeking happy medium in assessing the franchise savior
LOY's Place The importance of Kendrick Perkins
Thoughts going into game 6
Ray's son, not daughter, is in hospital - Ray will play Stats finals: Games 3,4, 5
ESPN Who's on a course for remorse? Not necessarily the Lakers
Hoopsworld Evening scoop: Lakers after Posey?
Celtics attempt to finish off Lakers
Game 6: Series in the balance
Celtics miss Perkins in game 5
Red's Army No excuses
For better or worse
Perkisabeast Let's go take this thing
ProJo Sixth Sense: Celtics like their chances to clinch tonight
Celtics' Allen expected to play tonight
Winning the NBA title is not supposed to be easy
It's shaping up as a Celtabration when all is said and done
Yahoo Sports Pierce has jumped from good to great in Finals
Star Tribune Garnett flustered by his own fourth quarter shortcomings
Hollister Freelance It's hard to hate Boston this time around
NY Times Celtics reflect on a lost opportunity as the Finals return to Boston
NY Post Garnett no gem
The Painted Area Kobe and Pierce: A tale of 2 pick and rolls
Metro One win away, Celtics return home
The Star Lakers, Celtics playing game of give and take
Raptors HQ Carnival of the NBA #57
Globe and Mail Garnett's last chance to step up his game
Milford Daily News Celtics fans looking forward to a championship
Hardwood Paroxysm Flight ubuntu
Edmonton Sun Pierce looks to join list of Celtics legends
LA Times Talk among Lakers-Celtics turns tough
Celtics have kept a lid on Lakers' Bryant
Lakers say they are far from finished
How Lakers can beat Celtics and defy playoff history
Another Lakers opponent doesn't travel well
Press Enterprise Good signs Lakers could win
Lakers don't have a moment to spare
Press Telegram Vujacic: Celtics play too rough
OC Register Is there any reason to think Lakers can win?
Why can't the Lakers rewrite Finals history?
Hartford Courant Pierce looking for first title
Newburyport News Exhausted Celtics ready to celebrate tonight
NY Daily News Celtics return to Boston up 3-2 falling apart against Lakers
Eagle Tribune Garnett deserves a pass, tonight will be his night
Patriot Ledger Doc looking for more from Rondo
USA Today Pierce's finals drama filled with pain, gain
Paul Pierce zeroing in on his childhood dream: An NBA title
Bryant becomes sporadic force for LA in game 5
Physical play formerly the NBA's signature style
Sporting News Possible chatter on the charters from LA to Boston
The show must go on
Signs good for Allen to play in game 6
Three star tour

Houston Chronicle TV schedule gives one day between Finals games
SBR Forum Game 6 betting line smells fishy
Contra Costa Times Kobe less than inspired in NBA Finals
Norwich Bulletin Mike Fine: Prepare for the parade
Guardian UK Celtics, Lakers to battle fatigue in game 6, says Rivers
Atlanta Journal Constitution Rivers' role can't be overlooked
Dog Reader Game Five: It's difficult being a Lakers' fan
Hoopshype Thoughts on game 5
AFP Historic title could put Kobe legacy with Jordan, Shaq
Long flight, little rest sets big test for NBA's game six
Plane delay, Allen's issues add to weary Celtics woes ahead of NBA game
Fox Sports To extend series, Lakers must win war of wills
Lakers' defense has yet to play well in Finals
CBS News Lakers survive Game 5 using much needed physicality
BostonSportZ Another fantastic charity raffle for tickets to game 6
Metro Fighting fatigue
Washington Post Garnett welcomes the Jungle
Free For All In the Garden lurks the inevitable
Slam Dunk Central Will Big Baby take his first steps in the Finals in game six?
Lex Nihil Novi #33 to #34: End it on Tuesday
Lakers take game 6 of '84 Finals
Boston Daily Game 5: The good, the bad, the Van Gundy
NY Sun Despite injuries, signs point to a Boston win
Newsday Matter of time before Celtics wear crown Doc vs Phil: No mismatch after all
Parquet Pride Paul Pierce is etching his name among the best
MinnPost After 12 years of frustration in Minnesota, KG is one step from ring
Enterprise Garnett must be the one to lead

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