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Jemele Hill Suspended

I was disappointed to learn that Jemele Hill was suspended for a part of her recent anti-Celtics column. It's not that I agree with her comments. I just hate the current climate. The witch hunts, apologies, suspensions, firings, and everything else. Meanwhile, between Hill's column and the Kevin Garnett "blow out his knee" poll you have to admit that ESPN has shown a lack of judgment of late. And this is for a network that prides itself on being squeaky clean and seemingly looking down on those who are not. I'm sure someone is even working on a "ESPN hates the Celtics" angle. Back to the issue at hand. I'm not arguing for racist, misogynistic, or hateful programming or articles. Yet when I read content and consistently don't like it I stop reading that blogger or columnist. It's that simple. When I initially started blogging I'm sure I wrote some posts disagreeing with other people's work. In fact I did it after Game 1. I just think collectively we can use our time better. And if you're going to disagree with someone make it count

One more thing. I'm not exactly shocked by the the negative attacks on Hill, and the fact that I'm not shocked is a downer. However, they're definitely unnecessary.

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