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Remember When...

I can't help but look back fondly to some old posts from the archives.  If anyone finds more, let me know and I'll link to them here.

  • Remember when all our hopes were piled into that flimsy basket called the NBA Lottery?  Remember when we got a collective stomach punch?  Yeah, not good times.  But how did tht work out? 
  • Remember when we were all worried about trading Al Jefferson for KG?  I hemmed and hawed and couldn't decide for weeks.  Then I decided to say "forget it: I'm all in."  (not that the team needed my permission, but I'm glad it worked out pretty much like I thought it would)
  • Remember when the trade rumors seemed to float in and out of the news cycle, until that one day when I reluctantly posted this rumor.  (This is why I can't remember exactly where I was when I found out KG was going to be a Celtic - there were several hours of "is it really happening?" before we got confirmation of the rumors - a great day)

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