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Daily Links 6/18

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Herald      Glory goes to Celtics     
Paul Pierce reaches pinnacle     
Celtics’ Big Three leave floor united as champions     
A return to the high C’s     
Kevin Garnett cashes in on big chance     
Rajon Rondo makes big point    
Kobe Bryant can’t find words    
A world gone green      
New Wheaties box honors Celtics     
Kevin shows the Lakers what they missed      
Lakers not battle-scarred enough for this NBA level of play    
Lakers left battered, bruised and defenseless against Celtic    
Doc Rivers and Celtics keep Phil Jackson from passing Red     
Globe   Unbelievable? No, believable     
Back on top 
Ring it up!       
Pierce gets his piece of Celtic immortality    
Garnett finally earns first NBA title    
Allen takes care of business    
Rondo showed ragin' intensity     
Joyous fans take Garden party to the streets    
Second quarter was first-rate      
Lakers appeared lost from beginning    
Old Garden parties        
The were stuck in no fly zone      
Final answer:  Pierce not on team USA     
Garden party     
No doubt     
Seventeen, so sweet     
Various posts in Globe Celtics blog  

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MetroWest Daily   Celtics 131, Lakers 92: Sweet seventeen 
New Big Three wins just in time for past greats     
Perkins shoulders load for C's      
CelticsBlog     Best for last       
A night and season to call ours forever   
17 thank you's     
LOY's Place   Boston Celtics are once again World Champions     
Random thoughts on the day after     
Comments from the other side - Championship edition  
Celtics 17     Celtics 17 happens      
Red's Army   Wow.  Just... Wow!      
Perkisabeast    Extra!  World Champions!  Extra!     
With Malice   Light up a cigar for old times sake     
Hoopsworld  Celtics come full circle with 17th title     
National Post   Pierce closing in on greatness     
SouthCoast Today   Celtics 17th seems just like old times    
Garnett finally gets his ring   
Press Enterprise    Boston massacre     
LA Daily News  Final insult:  Lakers routed by Celtics who win NBA title    
Bryant held in check by Celtics     
Lakers couldn't escape Celtics' net     
LA Times   Lakers are buried in the Garden     
Going back in time to bad old days     
Lakers leave the series with injured egos     
Paul Pierce climbs to top from bottom     
Allen gets his wish amid issues     
Worcester Telegram   New heroes finally resurrect storied Boston franchise 
Garnett was just the Big ticket        
Team never lost faith in point guard    
Allen celebrates title with ill son     
Posey, House spark C's off the bench again      
Concord Monitor   All the chips fall into place      
Celtics dominate     
Connecticut Post   Boston triangle (plus2) annihilates Lakers triangle   
NY Times   Celtics convincingly reclaim glory       
Banner night in Boston as Celtics rout Lakers     
Globe and Mail   Lakers win even if they lose    
Hardwood Paroxysm   Boston Celtics 2007-2008 NBA Champions    
Section F Sports    Game six thoughts    
Fox Sports  Celtics return to glory with championship effort   
Hartford Courant  Celtics win NBA title      
Sporting News   Celtics clinch title with total team effort    
Celtics overcome loser stigma with finals win      
NECN  A surreal moment with Brian Scalabrine   Celtics reach pinnacle of dream season    
Rondo responds in clincher     
Growing season for Celtics' Pierce     
ESPN   Commitment to defense delivers title no 17     
Title #17 has a familiar smell for Celtics    
SportsHubLA   Green Monster     
USA Today    Celtics drive rewarded with a championship      
Rivers and Celtics keep Phil from passing Red     
Big 3 leads Boston to big win and a 17th title      
ProJo   Coronation closes chapter on Celtics' fairy tale    
Ainge's perseverance restores Celtics to relevancy      
Garnett secures the title he so craved      
No doubt about it, Celtics roll to 17th title    
Quote board   
Chicago Sun Times    Celtics Pride:  A lesson for all of sports 2008   
Scrap heap to top of the heap     
Empty the Bench  Our congratulations, kudos, and hats off to the Boston Celtics    
NY  Sun   For Celtics, a career defining victory  
KXNet   New Wheaties box honors NBA Champion Boston Celtics   
Full Court Press  Paid in full:  Celtics clinch banner 17         
Parquet Pride  This feels better than expected  Diligence rewarded:  Ray Allen's Celtic title     
Washington Post   A franchise pantheon opens long closed doors      
Rivers has father on his mind     
Sox and Dawgs   Celtics are in 17th heaven     
Sports Network  Celtics level Lakers for first title since 1986    
Times Picayune    Return to glory   
Deadspin   Respect thy champion      
Hoopshype   Champs again         
Newsday  Celtics win NBA title after dominant game 6 victory 
TrueHoop  Game 6 live blog           
Dear Lakers:  You got Rondo'd      
 Doc Rivers' redemption song   
Larry Brown Sports  All of a sudden Doc Rivers is a genius    
Dime  They are the champions       
Bostonist   Sweet seventeen       
Fox Sports   Celtics sublime in season finale    
Building a championship team with a bench    
Star Ledger  Allen's hustle, record tying 3's spark victory     
The Bulletin   A tale of two Celtics      
Newburyport News  What has the Celtics season meant to us?    
NY Post    Congrats Celtics     
AFP   Celtics win title with historic rout of Lakers       
Courtside View   Game 6 post game thoughts    
Shamrock Headband    17     
BostonSportZ    Here it is      
Banner 17 no longer a dream     
Green Bandwagon   In praise of James Posey    
Assorted Kobe thoughts       
CelticsNews    Green 17      
Lex Nihil Novi   Celebration Videos     
Leon Powe Fan Site   Celtics win Championship, Leon gets snubbed of Finals MVP 
Metro   Green day          
Who's laughing now?   
Eagle Tribune   Desire trumps flash by 39 points  
Bryant blames the defense, or lack thereof    
A look back at the 17 titles       
Patriot Ledger   Celt-ebrate!  It's no 17 for the Green        
Finally, Pierce reaches the top      
Lowell Sun   Celtics capture first title in 22 years     
Celtics fans revel in victory  
Bucks Diary    Ray Allen was the real Finals MVP       
International Foul    The redemption of Kevin Garnett       

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