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Is Pierce HOF Bound?

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The Painted Area asks the question:

So, there's absolutely no debate now that Pierce's number will be retired by the Celtics. The only question left is this: did Pierce elevate himself to Hall of Fame status?

At age 30, the resume looks like this:
- 1 NBA Championship
- 1 Finals MVP
- 3 All-NBA Third Teams
- 6-time All-Star
- 23.1 ppg average, 16,945 career points
- 21.4 career PER

In terms of raw stats, his career numbers are higher than I expected, as he is already no. 72 in career NBA points, with plenty of career left. He's also no. 20 in career PPG and no. 36 career PER, though those average numbers are sure to fall as he ages.