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The Worst Night of the 2007 Season

What was the darkest night of the 2007 season? Was it when we learned Paul Pierce would miss significant time with a stress reaction? Or was it when Tony Allen’s knee exploded after the whistle? Tankapalooza versus the Bucks? Flip Murray putting a dagger in one of Boston’s worst seasons ever? The draft lottery? All good guesses. However, one night stands out above the rest. Remember when Kobe Bryant dropped 43 points in the TD Banknorth Garden, torturing Gerald Green in the process? The mamba should have been showered with boos. Instead he received cheers and even a “MVP!” chant. No really, that happened. Even the “it was actually Lakers fans in attendance” argument does not excuse the fact that a Laker was cheered in Boston. It’s like Orioles, Rays, Blue Jays and Angels fans getting over matched by Red Sox fans on the road. That shouldn’t happen. Roughly a year and 4 months later Celtics fans have an opportunity to regain their dignity. And with the 2-3-2 format those initial home games loom even larger. Something to think about as Thursday approaches.

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