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Daily Links 6/2

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Herald   Celts weren't built in a day     
Practically indefensible      
Red sure had his Phil     
Vets cut to the chase            
Posey's never been a shrinking violet        
Kareem's been linked to both sides       
Globe    Baby talk     
Celtics-Lakers Matchups      
History is in the offing      
Some Pierce fans in LA proud to be going green  
Region revs up for an East-West rivalry reborn      
A little history 

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Top 5 pre-finals games of 2008
LOY's Place Have you been Rondo'd?
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SouthCoast Today No turning back for feel good Green
Celtics-Lakers lookback 1987
Bucks Diary Will Ray Allen be Kobe's waterloo?
With Malice Celtics in white hats
Orlando Sentinel Is Bill Simmons the Celtics' secret weapon?
OddJack Can the Celtics win the 2008 NBA finals?
Connecticut Post The bartered bastards of Boston
Seacoast Online Yes, the Celtics are really in the NBA Finals
Examiner It's just Lakers vs Celtics - nothing else
Celtics turnaround didn't start on lottery day
Bleacher Report NBA Finals 2008 predictions and analysis
You've Been Blinded Doc Rivers buys Palms Place penthouse
We Talkin' 'Bout Practice This has to be good
OC Register Lakers downplaying series' historical aspect
Hartford Courant Celtics turn their luck around
LA Daily News Lakers, Celtics all grown up
Press Enterprise Celtics rivalry stirs up fond memories in Bryant
Reuters Lakers-Celtics sets up ABC for ratings rebound
Lifebox Kevin Garnett timeline
The Arena NBA Finals breakdown
Seattle PI Lakers vs Celtics: A little slice of Americana
LA Times Old Celtics weren't about rings
Lakers-Celtics was special time for Kareem
Bryant well schooled about rivalry
Daily Breeze Bryant well schooled about rivalry
411 Mania NBA Finals predictions
Wall Street Journal Shining C's reawaken Boston fans
Sporting News Much has chanced since last Celtics-Lakers finals meeting
ProJo Climate change
Reality sets in as finals approach
Celtics went from putrid to powerful in one year
USA Today Celtics savor some rest for their weary
5 reasons the Celtics will win the NBA title
Courtside View NBA Finals countdown: 28 days later theory revisited
Shamrock Headband The third man
Green Bandwagon Meet the Los Angeles Lakers
Assorted thoughts on the LA Lakers
Sports of Boston Thankfully flopping in the NBA will be ending
Parquet Wishes The Onion just can't get enough of Paul Pierce
HeraldNet When green was about Celtics, not money
Lex Nihil Novi Any other Celtics with a score to settle?
Getting the house in order
Let's keep 1987 in perspective
The Jesus-Kobe rivalry
Evolution of my Laker antipathy
KC Jones never got his due
The Canadian Press Kareem was a Celtics fan during his high school days
Yahoo Sports Early playoff tests prove beneficial for Celtics
NBC Sports Celtics Lakers is NBA's showcase showdown
Red's Army Paul Pierce is a Hall of Famer
BostonSportZ Was this the worst call in NBA history?
Break up the Pistons, Trade Rip Defensively speaking
Yardbarker The Finals: Rondo's blog
The Virginian Pilot Rich past won't be prologue for Celts vs Lakers
Slam Lakers and Celtics, get used to it
Metro History lesson
Patriot Ledger Pierce learns to keep his cool
Celtics enter finals as underdogs - with swagger

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