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Reverse Jinx Attempt Aborted

Is this news?  Well, I guess after so much attention was given to his article, I suppose it does qualify.  Bill Simmons is now admitting that his Laker love article was just an attempt to pull the old reverse-jinx on the Celtics.

Bill Simmons: (12:03 PM ET ) I'm done with the reverse jinx thing - I spent 2 days crafting that last column and sold it too convincingly, there are some people back home who actually think I'm a Lakers fan now. I had a whole master plan to make up for what I did to the Pats in January but I'm abandoning it. Although I will say that I'm a little wounded that anyone from back home would ever think that I liked the Lakers and not the Celtics. There were some obvious clues in the Friday column that were right there ... I am amazed that anyone would think I would just blindly write that the Lakers are completely unbeatable when their backup big man for the 4-5 spots is Ronnie freaking Turiaf.

Now I still love Bill (if that hasn't changed by now, it never will) but even I have to admit that he gets a little big for his britches sometimes.  First he creates new stats on 82 games, then he campaigns to be the Bucks GM, now he believes he has the kind of karma pull it takes to influence the outcome of games.  It may be time for an intervention.  We just need to hold up a picture of Peter May and tell him, "This is what you are becoming.  Come back to us Bill."

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