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What's Up With the Bandwagon?

With the Celtics bringing the NBA season to a close on Tuesday it is time to change gears a bit around here. What can you expect?

1. I'll be following the draft. At some point I'll be involved in at least one mock draft and will look to put the "mock" right where it belongs. And of course next Thursday I'll be watching. In fact I just watched the 1997 draft on NBA TV. It deserves its own post. Remember that was Rick Pitino's first draft.

2. I will follow how next year's team is built. Right now Tony Allen, P.J. Brown, Sam Cassell, Eddie House, Scot Pollard, and James Posey may or may not be back. Let's rank the possibility of them returning.

Not Going to Happen - Pollard
He Recently Said he'd be Back But I Don't See It - Cassell
Probably Going to Retire But maybe They'll Work Out a Special Deal - Brown
I Have No Clue - Allen, House, Posey

In reality it all comes down to that last group. I'd like them all to return. Stay tuned.

3. I'm going to do a summer book review series that runs every Monday in July and August. I've already read several of the books. Expect a look at some classic Celtics and the NBA in general. Should be good.

4. I'd love to do some more interviews. I won't name names but I've got a few in mind. As a side note I won't name names because it would subsequently be embarrassing when they turn me down.

5. There's a decent chance that I'll take another shot at some movies. Although this time around they will be much shorter and easier to take than the over the top Rondo movie.

6. Finally I'm going to write some over at ROOMOFZEN. I've wanted to expand beyond the Celtics for some time now and that's a good forum for all sorts of ludicrous stuff I tend to think about. My first post is up now. Look for more in the future.

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