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Melo: Trade Me Or Don't

That seems to be the vibe Carmelo Anthony will be giving the Nuggets come Monday when his representation sits down with team brass.

As reported by ESPN:

The meeting is being initiated by Anthony, who has grown tired of hearing his name mentioned in trade rumors. His desire is to stay in Denver and he wants assurances from the Nuggets that they will not trade him. Anthony's party expects to get those assurances on Monday, according to the sources. If the Nuggets don't commit to building around Anthony -- and instead demonstrate a willingness to trade him -- he will ask to be moved. Believing he will remain with the Nuggets, Anthony has not put together a list of teams he wants to be traded to.

So he doesn't want them if they don't completely want him.  Good stuff.

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The early guess here is that Melo both starts and finishes the summer a Nugget.

While there's no hiding the fact that I'm not a fan of his, the guy is without a doubt one of the best talents in the game today, and he tends to be absolutely huge at the end of games.  It's extremely difficult to see Denver getting an offer for him that would come anywhere close to giving them equal value in return.  The Nugs know they can fill seats and win a decent number of regular season games with Melo and the team as currently constructed, and when they don't get an offer that really makes sense, they are likely to convince themselves into giving it one more go with him and Allen Iverson next year.

But we're still in June with a long summer ahead of us.  Only time will tell -- so all guesses are subject to change.

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