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Daily Links 6/22

Herald  Celtics post season report card    
Booster Shot     
What a trip     
Cereal thrillers: Celtics go for endorsement green    
Globe   Fellowship of the ring      
Two for the show   
A Kidd shall lead them      
Bennie Swain, 78; NBA backup for Bill Russell     
Party of 15:  Meet the World Champion Celtics

More Links After the Jump    

CelticsBlog   Could JR Smith be a mini-Moss in San Antonio?     
Celtics Stuff Live tonight 8-10 with Grande and Souza     
LOY's Place   10 memorable moments from the Celtics' championship     
Hoopsworld  Who belongs on Team USA?      
Mavs as good as the Celts?    
Red's Army    Money will be spent      
Paul's first pitch       
Dime   Boozer and Deron in for Beijing;  Melo out for Denver?      
NBA Insider    Finals reflections     
SouthCoast Today  Celtics built to win again     
NY Post   It all worked out      
Five Tool Tool    Apologizing for happy endings    
Strange Transmissions   The world bleeds green once again    
Philly Inquirer   Celtics victory?  Right time, right place        
Salt Lake Tribune   Late first round picks can be gems or busts     
HoopsAddict   What's next for the Celtics?      
LA Times   NBA is finding a new way      
For most athletes, blogs are just part of the deal     
Kobe will lose out to Celtics' big three again      
Sports of Sorts  Celtics rule, disappointment reigns  
GoAZCats   The Paul Pierce Nike Skills Academy    
Morning Sentinel   Pierce has title, a few good Celtics do not        
Patriot Ledger   Celtics' owners committed to bringing championship back to Boston  
Bleacher Report   Celtics and Lakers won't repeat         
Maybe our standards are way too high    
Star Tribune   Garnett, Celtics' assent gives Wolves some hope     
Rethinking Basketball   If benches win championships  
Dallas News   NBA season:  East, Donaghy left much to mull      
Harvard Business  Why the Celtics won - From Auerbach to Ubuntu      
Milford Daily News   Emotions ran high with Garnett     
Repeating is no easy task             
Enterprise  Ainge makes up for one of Celtics' big blunders     
NY Daily News   Won't be a summer sequel, Kobe is happy in Hollywood  
Green Bandwagon   Delonte West:  Restrict this    
CelticsNews  Draft possibilities:  Chris Douglas-Roberts      
Lex Nihil Novi   Sichting a huge addition for '86 C's      
'86 C's took Bulls crowd out of game     
Go get 'em Beast    
Bird issues statement       
Wicked Good Sports     Rolling rally video   

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