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Shaq Attack: Target - Kobe Bryant

First off I'd like to give a shout out (the free styling is currently having a big impact on my writing) to Parquet Pride for the two stories I'm about to reference.

1. The first one is somehow both surprising and unsurprising, if that's possible. Regardless it is definitely not suitable for work. In fact it's Really Not Suitable For Work - RNSFW. That's because Shaq recently grabbed a mic at a New York club and well check it out.

Shaq Rap disses Kobe (via GameTimeProductions)

- This is one of those "man YouTube changed the way we get news" moments.
- The Patrick Ewing dig came out of nowhere. If he were in Philly would he have gone after Charles Barkley?
- So yeah. I'm not sure what to say. Half way through I wasn't sure I would even post it. But if the Worldwide Leader runs it, so be it.

2. On a more positive note Leon Powe recently did a chat over at (Insider required). Couple of things:

- He appears to know some of the people writing in. How often does that happen?
- I enjoyed his answer to the fake Kevin Garnett question. As a side note will there ever be a chat without a question from someone pretending to be a celebrity? Not complaining, just wondering.
- While Powe does definitely not write in a Curt Schilling tell all style you can still learn some things. Worth a read.
- Powe does not fear the exclamation point.

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